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Abstract The art of paper folding, known as origami , provides the methodology of constructing a geometrical object out of a sheet of paper solely by means of folding by hands. Submenu Events Events Conferences Research seminar.

Journal of Symbolic Computation Special Issues

Bottom menu Impressum Last update: , Top. The usual usual "implementation" "implementation" ofreal numbers as floating point numbers on exist- iing ng computers computers has the well-known disadvantage that most of the real numbers are not exactly representable in floating point. For numerical algorithms there are frequently error bounds for the computed approximation available. Traditionally a bound for the infinity norm is estima- ted using ttheoretical heoretical ccoonncceeppttss llike ike the the condition condition number number of of a a matrix matrix for for example.

Therefore Therefore the error bounds are not really available in practice since their com- putation requires more or less the exact solution of the original problem. During the last years research in different areas has been intensified in or- der to overcome these problems. As a result applications to different concrete problems were obtained.

CiteSeerX — Exact computation with leda real - theory and geometric applications

In a series of applications, where floating point arith- metic fails, reliable results are delivered. Interesting examples can be found in classical geometric problems. At the Imperial College in London was introduced a simple principle for "exact arithmetic with real numbers" A. Among others a library for the effective computation of the elementary functions already has been implemented. Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed.

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Figures and Tables. Citations Publications citing this paper. A link-node complementarity model and solution algorithm for dynamic user equilibria with exact flow propagations Xuegang Jeff Ban , Henry X.

1.1 Symbolic Method [Lecture 1 - Combinatorial structures and OGFs]

Liu , Michael Ferris , Bin Ran. Solving equilibrium problems using extended mathematical programming Youngdae Kim , Michael C. Emission-based static traffic assignment models Gopal R. Hart , John D.