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Very highly recommended.

Be sure to get the latest edition, which is 2nd. I think a 3rd edition is coming out around summer. You are practically guaranteed a few million dollars from a VC if you can write "big data" in the snow with your pee, so you might as well start learning about this stuff now. View 1 comment. View all 3 comments. Jun 30, Alex Ott rated it really liked it Shelves: ir-dm-nlp-ml-search , programming.

Very good book, that allows to get high level overview of Hadoop, and related projects, together with description of other Hadoop-related projects - Pig, HBase, and other. I'll recommend this book for all developers, who want to learn about Hadoop, it's usage and programming for it. Dec 12, Johnny rated it it was amazing Shelves: software. Tom White is an excellent technical writer, paying close attention to accuracy, clarity, and completeness. Probably the best way to get a deep and broad understanding of Hadoop is to read this book.

You will come away with a strong understanding of the methods, philosophy, and design of all things Hadoop.

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  • Hadoop: the Definitive Guide by Tom White (2015, Paperback).
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The only downside to this book is that it's a little dated, having been published in I'm reading the fourth and latest edition. Because of this, some of the "Related Projects" chapters are of little practical value, eg, Pig, Crunch. It would do well to replace these chapters with write-ups of more modern projects such as Impala and Drill. Honestly, this book should be the Hadoop manual. If you've ever downloaded stock Hadoop and glanced through the included manual, you'll have found it to be minimal. This book walks you through setting up a development environment for Hadoop, explains the basic concepts behind it and its implementation, then overviews setting up a Hadoop cluster leaving the details to other books on Hadoop operations , overviews the Hadoop ecosystem and concludes with a few case studies.

If you are interested in Honestly, this book should be the Hadoop manual.

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If you are interested in Hadoop and not yet familiar with it, this book is a great place to start. This is a quite amazing book having a comprehensive content on the Hadoop eco-system. The rich code examples coming with the book really help me understand how MapReduce works. It also covers all the other major sub systems like Hive, HBase, Spark, etc.

Hadoop The Definitive Guide; Best Book for Hadoop

Although you might need separate books to delve deep into these subjects. The case studies at the end of the books are also a joy to read. Jan 28, Rufeng Xie rated it liked it. Wish it could be written concisely. Aug 05, Senthil Kumra rated it really liked it. Great book to get started with hadoop ecosystem. Covers most of the parts. Dec 10, Ha Truong rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: software engineer, software architect, developer.

Shelves: technology. Not only gives a first impression of what Hadoop, it also gives a deeper knowledge about each component and related technologies. Thus, if you just want a book to rule them all, pick this one. However, because the ambition of the author is to put all into one book, you might feel overwhelmed with many details under the hood. It should be better you just read the introduction of a technology such as what it is, how it works rather than unraveling everything in this introductory book.

Hadoop: the Definitive Guide

Of course you might find it fascinating someway. I'd rather pick other books that exclusively written for that technology.

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There is also a disappointment about ZooKeeper. Actually, I excitingly read this part first for my assignment with distributed computing, yet it didn't help much. Neither it mentions streaming technologies like Storm, maybe the next version will include. However the book was written so well with many deep understandings about the platform.

It is definitely worth your time to read. I put 5 stars. Apr 16, Saul Cruz rated it liked it. Definitely a good way to start, I'd recommend the latest version as many blocks are not being used anymore, however if you really want to understand the underlying engine, this is the book to start with, Map Reduce is a complex Model that probably you'll never tweak, however, it is very important to completely understand how this model works so that you can optimize a cluster, and if you want probably come up with a new data processing technology i. The installation guide is not pretty straightforward but you can definitely come up with your own cluster, there are many distributions out there CDH, Hortonworks, HDinsight so you don't have to start from scratch.

It'd be nice to include some of Azure, AWS and other cloud services. How to retrieve the list of sql Hive QL commands that has been executed in a hadoop cluster? How to uninstall all versions of hadoop completely from the system? Hadoop Hive: How to skip the first line of csv while loading in hive table? Hadoop hdfs: How to count number of lines? How to get absolute path of files in a directory in Hadoop?

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