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The Positive Mental Attitude Pocketbook (Management Pocketbooks)

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I had a baby. I learnt to fly. I became an expert in something. I stopped using lack of time as an excuse! Why not? Try something new. Indulge in some mental antiperspirant see page Use all the time you waste! If you had a choice of colours We are automatically attracted to people who have similar views, opinions and tastes to ourselves. Try spending time with people who think differently. Give yourself different perspectives. People who have an entrenched, unseeing view of the world become a parody of themselves.

And we end up conforming to the stereotype that characterises the like-minded people we try to surround ourselves with. Curiosity feeds inspiration; and being curious about what you see around you feeds discovery, opportunity or a simple appreciation of what we have. The curious see opportunity.

Pocketbook: Positive Mental Attitude

As a creative exercise, remove the thing that has made you successful. Video games parlour? Then put the books back in. Suspend judgement about ideas until you have a plentiful supply. Beware the person with only one idea. What if service was like love? Link two previously unconnected concepts and see where it takes you. The generation of a new idea, be it a solution to an existing problem or the genesis of something completely new or both , presents the ultimate challenge to the positive mind.

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Humans have the remarkable ability to create the things that they can conceive of. But we create solutions all the time and then find reasons not to act. Action Why not? Be persistent Two frogs fall into a bucket of cream.

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The first quickly resigns himself to his fate and drowns. The second however, refuses to give up and thrashes around in the cream with his arms and legs. Eventually the cream turns into butter and he is able to jump out!